Dr. placed (6) Straumann BLT SLActive

A maxillary denture replica was made as the surgical guide with 3 fixation pins.

Bone Reduction Guide & Bone Supported Implant Guide

Dr. placed (2) 5.8mm Bio Horizon implants.

This surgery was merged using impression. Preformed a digital pour for the model in order to do digital wax-up.

Dr. placed (1) 4.6mm Bio Horizon implant.

This guide has a unique design, incorporating an irrigation canal for irrigation of the osteotomy and flutes, which works great! Sinus lift and implant placement came out according to plan.

Dr. Placed (7) Nobel Biocare implants.

Denture Replica Guide with 3 Fixation Pins

Dr. placed (2) Bio Horizon implants.

Digital wax-up is always done. Patients do not care about the implant as they can not see it, they care about how the final restoration looks! On Implant #2 Dr. had to do a sinus lift if you see the slice view it is a couple mm out of the bone that distance was communicated to the Dr. so that he knew how much to augment in the lift. The outcome was excellent!