Implant Surgical Guides

Everything Below is included with purchase of ANY surgical guide

Full/All Inclusive Service


We will include the following sevices:

  • Digitally Treatment Plan the implants
  • Virtual Wax Up (for Implant Tooth) For Optimal Restoration Fit, profile emergence, and implant/abutment trajectory
  • Confirming the panoramic curve
  • Drawing Nerves
  • Reading CBCT and confirming findings and observations
  • Provide the Guide Tubes
  • Export the Guide into STL file
  • Digitally Design the Surgical Guide
  • Check for Stability, Perfect Fit, and Watertight
  • 3D Printed Surgical Guide (FDA complaint material)
  • Inspection Windows
  • Clean and Polish Guide
  • Print Patients Name on Guide
  • Provide Drilling Sequence/Protocol Sheet With Surgical Observations
  • Unlimited Phone/Screen share Case Review & Fine Tuning Session
  • Free priority 2-3 day shipping back to you, or local Delivery


Pricing for Surgical Guides




Tooth Supported Guides 

(1-2 Implants)

$ 199.00

+Add $25.00

for EACH additional Implant


Denture Replica

Endentulous Mucosa Guides

(Includes 3 Bone Fixation Pins)


2 Implant Locator Case



4 implant Case



6 Implant Case



8 Implant Case



 Bone Supported Guides

(Unlimited Implants)



Bone Supported Guide + Bone Reduction Guide

(unlimited  Implants)



Lateral Sinus Augmentation Guides



Lateral Irrigation Canals

$15 Each


Model & Impression Scans

$25 each arch


Virtual Extraction

$20 each

(You can avoid this charge by removing the teeth off the model before scanning. Clean the model carefully and accurately before you scan/send.)

Additional Virtual Wax-Up

$10 each


Pricing for Additional Services




ALL of our Splints are Designed & Digitally Articulated In Exocad.

Splints are 3D Printed for Optimal Accuracy and Fit. The entire process is 100% Digital from start to finish!  They are Printed in a Biocompatible and FDA Approved material that is Extremely Durable. 



Designed for Same Day Teeth. Dentures come with pre drilled holes exactly where the implants are going to be placed with the surgical guide.


$ Call For Pricing $



$99.00 Each

Has the correct Profile Emergence pre-designed for each tooth and custom designed for your implant brand of preference.

Digital Implant Treatment Planning

We will digitally plan, place, and preform virtual wax up, and email treatment plans Starting at $50.00, for 1 implant.

This is a good tool to present to patients to close and gain commitment for implant cases. If the patient commits to the case the fee for the treatment plan will go towards the cost of the full surgical guide service!



Priority Express  2-3 days - FREE (US customers only)

Next day saver - $40

Next day by 10:30am - $60

Next day by 8AM - $100

International Shipping - Varies: Address & Country needed for quote




Download our Lab Slip in PDF format, Never run out of Lab Slips.

Print them, scan them, and email them...



"Our Difference"

-Superior Design and Expert Service

-We do a digital wax up for you to see the implant trajectory and can plan according to screwed or cemented restorations.

-We incorporate irrigation canals for proper irrigation of osteotomy and flutes/drills.

-We treatment plan implants according to adjacent roots and interproximal margins for ideal profile emergence and optimum restorative outcomes.

-We provide alternative merging solutions for patients with abundant metallic restorations or for extreme accuracy incorporating impressions with radiographic CT markers.

-Very fast turn around Time

-Expert DDS Oversight

-No Hidden Fees

-Innovative Solutions for Difficult Cases

-Constant Continuous Education

-Retentive, Fitted guide, with Custom Depth Stops


Happier Patients & Happier Dentists

Less Bleeding, No Stitches, Less Swelling, Less Pain, Less invasive, No Incisions, No Cutting, Quicker-Easier Procedures, No Damage to Surrounding Teeth, Time efficient, More precise, No Damage to Nerves, Perfect Placement, Faster Tissue Recuperation, Faster Healing, Less bruising, Less inflammation, Less Invasive, Less Complications, No Scalpels, High Treatment Acceptance,  = Happier Patients + Happier Dentists = TOTAL SUCCESS!

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